Online Training for Responsible Alcohol & Basset Certification

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Each of our online certification programs is tailored to a specific setting where alcohol is sold or served:

On-Premise Servers

Restaurant Dram TIPS training
Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Nightclubs, In-Store Tastings

Off-Premise Sellers

Grocer BASSET Server Seller
Grocers, Convenient Stores, Liquor Stores

Gaming Servers

Bar Alchohol Server Training
Casinos, Riverboats, Race Tracks, Gambling Halls

Concessions Servers

Special Events Alcohol Server Training
Stadiums, Arenas,  Festivals, Amphitheaters

Our online or on-premise version of TIPS alcohol certification is valid or accepted for use in bars and restaurants in all 50 states, U.S. territories, the District of Columbia, and over 50 countries. NOTE: Not all municipalities accept online training. Call us at 630/787-1002 to confirm. We also offer Live Training.